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Starting A Profitable Small Business

How to profit and change your life style for the better the most important 25-question exam of your life how to overcome your fear of starting how to turn your past experiences to pluses 7 steps in evaluating your industry how to analyze your market (what's behind the numbers)  when to start a business from scratch and when to buy one the 5 advantages and 6 disadvantages of buying a business14 ways an accountant can phony up the books and make a failing company look good 12 questions you have to ask the current owner 3 ways to price a business (and the one that works) what types of business you should never get into 6 ways to buy a business without putting up your own money 4 characteristics of a successful franchisee... where to find your potential customers 4 ways to get our of an ironclad lease how to determine your opening supply of inventory rule-of-thumb for inventory 3 steps for buying furniture and equipment for 10 cents on the dollar advantages and disadvantages of sold-proprietor, partnership and corporation why you should never fill out a federal identification number until the last minute what professional advice you need before you open your business how much to pay for advice where to go when the bank says "no" how to locate wealthy investors how to approach a bank the type of banks that are most likely to give you a loan why most loans get turned down and much, much more  


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